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Well, Hello !

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Our First Newsletter: From Mainspring Watches UK

We wanted to take the time to thank each of you for helping our small pre-owned watch business grow in to one of the best in its' category for Customer Service, Price, & Communication.

Tristan and I started Mainspring Watches on Christmas Eve 2021 from a laptop on a farm in Shropshire with a few watches we wanted to sell (So that we could buy more). We both shared a passion for watches and people, and understood more than anyone that buying a watch is not only incredibly exciting, but can be a deeply personal experience - With the sale of a preloved watch being no less so.

Our Customers have our complete attention, whenever they need it.

Our weekly newsletter may touch on recent topics as well as stock, watch releases and a bit more about us and life at our beautiful Mainspring HQ in Farnborough. If you've not been to see us yet, we would love for you to pencil a visit in to your diary - There's always watches to see and refreshments.

We are first and foremost, watch fanatics after all.

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