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Mainspring Watches Introduces 'List Assist': Your Luxury Watch, Your Listing, Your Payout.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

With the weather report looking incredible over the next few days, we hope you’re all looking forward to wearing your weekend watches!

Introducing List Assist; A New Way to Sell Your Watch. By Mainspring Watches UK

Have we told you about our new offerings? We have noticed recently a lot more people wishing to sell the watch there self via all the fantastic trading platforms which are out there, which we completely understand and encourage, it’s more money in your pocket! To help with this, we have created ‘List Assist’. This includes all of the below and helps you to get a professional look and feel on your watch listing, along with the confidence to demand the full market price for your watch.

With List Assist, you'll receive:

  • Photos - 24 high quality photos (A combination of artsy and condition photos).

  • Video - Your watch on a revolving stand.

  • Clean - Full watch and bracelet clean, including cleaning of the box.

  • The Watch Register Check - Showing it is clear against the stolen and lost database.

  • Description - A professionally written watch description.

  • Timegrapher Check - The results will be sent to you, giving you confidence when selling, that your watch is operating as it should.

This Time, Next Time, Tale As Old As Time...

Have a piece you don’t wear as much as you’d like? Get in touch and we can discuss List Assist to see if this could be the best option for you. We are also always happy to offer to buy the watch straight from you or offer a consignment sale.

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