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Social Media & Online presence

"Remember The Time" - Michael Jackson

Mainspring Watches UK are not responsible for the content of 3rd party links. In the event that a user of the website, or other social media site discovers content that is not in line with this policy, or otherwise takes issue or offense to the content, it is their right to report it to us directly in writing at the above address or using – Mainspring Watches UK will consider every complaint and take action on the merits of the complaint. 


Where images or other content are not owned by Mainspring Watches UK, we will have sought explicit permission from the owner of the content for use in these spaces. If you believe that material from our website or other online/offline presence, please report it in writing to our office address, or email 


Mainspring Watches UK are committed to non-offensive images, posts, articles & politically charged content. 


Mainspring Watches UK are committed to fair and equal treatment of all customers and members of the public regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation & political views, with the exception of extremist views or extremist party affiliation.  

Returns Policy

"If I could Turn Back Time" - Cher

Mainspring Watches UK comply with the returns guidelines of  3rd party selling/purchasing platforms. We do not sell watches with warranty at this time.

Where items are sold outside of these platforms, or otherwise directly to the buyer, Mainspring Watches UK operate a 14-day return policy. 


In order for this to apply, you must notify your intent to return within 14 days of receiving the item for a full refund on your purchase. You will be required to return the item immediately.  


If the item is returned in a condition that affects the market value, you may be charged. This charge will be reflected in the pay-out amount & be in line with our due diligence process. You will be notified of any such deductions prior to the pay-out. 


If the item that is returned does not match the item sent to you, you will not be entitled to a refund & the item will be returned to you, upon completion of due diligence checks. If the item does not pass our due diligence checks, Mainspring Watches UK are required by law to secure the item & notify law enforcement. 


"The Times They Are A-Changin'" - Bob Dylan

We reserve the right to withdraw any offer for any reason, including inaccurate or false/misleading descriptions or inaccurate/misleading photographs of the item being purchased from you.  


In the event that, upon receipt, the Item contains discrepancies between the seller description or photos, and the item received, Mainspring Watches UK may issue a revised valuation. It is not compulsory for the seller to accept this revised valuation and may receive their item back within reasonable time, and in the condition that it was received. 


If you are selling your watch to Mainspring Watches UK, and for any reason would like to abort the sale to us, or we find the item is not as described, Mainspring Watches UK will return the item in the condition that it was received. 


As part of our due diligence checks, Mainspring Watches UK perform a stolen goods search. In the event that a watch has been reported as stolen on The Watch Register, Mainspring Watches UK are legally required to secure the watch & Inform Law Enforcement. 


We reserve the right to claim back compensation for reasonable loss once due diligence checks have been completed upon receipt of the item, if the item does not meet the standards of the due diligence checks. Where there is reasonable concern or doubt, Mainspring Watches UK reserve the right to notify law enforcement of suspected stolen goods or any other illicit or suspicious activity.  


Items are evaluated using several factors including but not limited to; make, model, reference/calibre, material, historic market price, non-original fittings, service history, condition & market availability. 


Upon acceptance of the agreed terms & price, the contract between the seller and the buyer is completed once payment has been made. All sales of genuine watches free from criminal proceeds or otherwise acquired by any means other than lawful purchase to Mainspring Watches UK are final. 

It is possible that, after the contract of purchase from you has been completed, we may discover that the watch is counterfeit, stolen, damaged, or lost. In such events, we have the option to rescind the contract and advise you by email, post, telephone or other messaging service at the earliest possible time. If we have already made payment for the items, you will be obliged to refund us the full price paid for purchase within 14 Days.

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